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Leaking Shower Repairs are unavoidable when you need them, ignoring them will cause long term building defects which will cost you a lot of time and money and offer you a lot of stress in return – so don’t ignore your need for leaking shower repairs! The bathroom is one of the most used parts of the house but unfortunately, it is the most ignored area. The truth is that the bathroom requires more care and maintenance than any other room. A leaking shower is one the most annoying things in a home and every homeowner would like to avoid this at all costs. If you dont catch your leaking shower in time you may be up for Bathroom Renovations! Accurate Assessment There are many ways of sealing a leaking shower. To ensure an effective and durable repair work, you should select the correct repair method. This is why it is essential to have a certified professional conduct the shower assessment. The inspection report will give details of why the leak occurred, solutions as well as the reasons why such solutions are essential. Reasons Why Leaking Shower Repairs Are Necessary Before a homeowner embarks on leaking shower repairs, he or she first needs to know the reasons for doing this. Due to various practical reasons, stagnated water may remain trapped below the tiled floor in the shower recess, leakage to areas within the property causing damage to include damage being caused to the external area of an apartment / unit block. These problems arise if the shower recess was not constructed properly and has not been maintained. Your bathroom will never dry in such a case because shower water will be leaking to the underneath areas creating dampness and damage. Thus, you will have to do some shower leaking repairs carried out. If the bathroom is always wet due to a leaking shower, it allows moisture to be trapped in the bathroom. Moisture trapped in areas with insufficient sunlight creates a conducive environment for moulds to grow. Unless you want your bathroom to be full of such unpleasant plants, then you have to consider carrying out repairs to your leaking shower. Tracking Down the Cause of a Shower Leak The moment you notice that water is leaking from your shower, you should try finding the cause of the leakage. Mostly, shower leaks are caused by failing grouts and sealants in the shower. You can follow the following step to help you trace down the source of the leak.

  1. Could it be the shower floor? – Inspecting the Shower Floor

The shower floor is the first place that a homeowner should suspect as the source of a shower leak. To eliminate this area, one needs to clean it and let it dry completely. Use a duct tape to cover the drain. Using a different source of water from another tap source and bucket, fill the shower floor with water up to the level of the threshold. Let the water sit there for some time. The purpose of this process is to eliminate the floor and keep searching for the source of the leak. If you notice some water or watermarks in the area below the shower recess or water penetrating through a wall or carpets getting wet, automatically you know that there is some leakage and the shower base is the problem. However, after thirty minutes if you do not see any leak, rule out the floor and move on to the next area.

  1. Would It Be the Drain?

The next area that you should suspect is the drain. Carefully peel the tape from the drain and let the water flow out as you check for leaks. If you notice some water leakage at this point, you can safely conclude that the drain is the source of the leakage in your shower. Repairing the drain is easy especially if the pipe is PVC and you have access to the underneath area. A plumber will need to be called, so he can assess the required repairs. Sometimes it may be the case where the shower recess floor will need to be retiled to gain access to the pipe area and again this is where a licenced plumber will need to carry out the repairs. If you prefer DIY leaking shower repairs, take a picture of the area to help the salesperson to get you the right repair parts.

  1. Would the Leak Be in the Grout in the Tiled Shower Walls?

After inspecting the drain, if it does not leak, check the tiles on the shower walls. You need to focus on one wall at a time. Splash some water on the wall as you check for the leaks. Inspect the grout visually. Exhaust one wall before you move to the next wall. Once you identify the leaking area, double check by repeating the test so that you are sure. If there is some grout missing you can regrout the area. Besides the above possible leakage areas, there are other leaking sources which are visible. The tap spindles and the shower rose areas through which water can leak. If you notice water dripping from behind the showerhead, then automatically you should suspect this area. Closing the taps tight is not the the solution. Such areas need a professional to repair; otherwise, they can cost you a lot in terms of water bills. Leaking Shower Sealing Service A leaking shower can occur from different areas such as the level below, walls, bathroom entrance, or even other surrounding areas. A leak means that excessive water is penetrating through the tiles to the weakest point. The repair procedure may vary depending on the tile condition. Generally, following the Australian standards if tiling is required. If the leak has to do with some solid and movement free structure, then the below following repair procedure may be an alternate solution:

  • The grout and silicon on the floor, waste, and perimeter junctions is removed.

  • A high-quality non-porous grout is applied.

  • The grout on the wall is either cleaned or replaced depending on its current condition.

  • A flexible seal is then applied on the walls and wall junctions.

  • Any gaps around tap spindles are sealed.

  • Replacement of the silicon that is inside the shower screen.

The Necessity for a Flood Test Once you do the leaking shower repairs, it is important that you perform a flood test to analyse the durability of the waterproof features of the shower. This way you will identify any signs of possible leakage and work on them.

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