• Tom Adams

How To Stop A Leaking Shower Without Removing Tiles


For the budding property owner there is always the option of leaking shower repair do it yourself (DIY).

Keep in mind, products that are sold in the general retail market, even if applied correctly, will often only provide a temporary solution.

Without a professional set of eyes you’re likely to target an area in the bath or shower where you can visibly see a gap in the grout or between the floor and wall tiles.

This is great, but there may be other leaking areas you have not and are not able to identify. It's easy for the un-trained eye to miss small, but at times crucial details. The leak will eventually persist. Unless you have an understanding of what you're doing, chances are the time you spend attempting the repair will outweigh the cost of hiring a professional. (Take into account supplies, time etc)

What makes this option even less ideal is that after all the hard work of doing it yourself, silicone based retail products tend to go mouldy within a very short amount of time and in general most products may not withstand building movement.

In conclusion, fixing a leaking shower DIY is an option. Though, you should probably assess your situation before deciding whether it's best to hire a professional.


We recommend our Platinum Seal Gold Coast Leaking Shower, Shower Sealing & Balcony Leak Repair service. We provide a non-invasive solution, which seals any leaking shower without the need to remove tiles.

Our fully trained Platinum Seal technicians are ready to help. If you're un-sure about your shower leak, get in touch on the Platinum Seal Website and a technician will be of assistance. Platinum Seal services Gold Coast, Queensland. Though, we're more than happy to give free advice to residents out of state. Simply get in touch, a friendly technician will assist you.


Platinum Seal Epoxy 3 Part Component is our primary sealing product used by our technicians. It's designed to withstand normal building movement more so than your regular grout. It is applied to wall and floor joints in replacement of regular grout to permanently stop your leaking shower.

Platinum Seal Grout Booster is a liquid additive mixed with grout prior to application to aid with flexibility and porosity. It is mixed within the grout to boost flexibility, mould prevention and longevity.

Platinum Seal Penetrative Sealer is a liquid sealer which is applied to wall and floor grout and tiles in showers and balconies to prevent leaks. It also seals porous natural stone tiles such as marble, granite and slate.



Simply call us on 61+ 246 747 816 or book a quote online. A Platinum Seal technician will be in touch within 24HRS. We're also available on our Facebook page. If you're not from Gold Coast, Queensland - we can still help! Reach out and a friendly technician can provide free advice. We're happy to help.


An appointment date will be made, and an experienced Platinum Seal technician will conduct an in-home inspection and assessment of your wet area of concern and provide you with an obligation free quote.

They will look for signs of water penetration, grout damage and structural deterioration.

An electronic thermal gun may be used to determine the level of concealed water behind tiles. Thermal imaging cameras may also be used to aid in diagnosis of onsite issues.

Further testing- In certain cases your Platinum Seal technician may recommend further leak detection to be carried out by a plumber to investigate potential plumbing issues.

In this case your technician can usually organise a plumber on your behalf to attend and carry out pressure testing, spray testing and flood/dye testing where applicable. STEP 3. THE PLATINUM SEAL SERVICE

Following your approval of our quote the job is then booked in at a time convenient for you. One of our experienced Platinum Seal technicians will fix your leak with minimum fuss and hassle.

Our Process 1. Your shower should be clean, dry and not used the night before. 2. Technician attends site and sets up work area. Then carries out the following. 3. Removal of existing grout from the walls and re-grout where necessary. 4. Remove and replace damaged floor grout where necessary 5. Remove and replace existing grout from around the waste (drain) section as needed. 6. Prepare the floor and wall junctions using Platinum Seal blade technology. 7. Remove waste material and vacuum excess dust. 8. Remove and replace old silicone with Platinum Seal 3 Part Epoxy or premium silicone inside shower screens to ensure water can’t get under the screen. 9. Apply appropriate Platinum Seal sealing product for your shower to joints and waste (drain) as needed. It is applied wall-to-wall, perimeter of floor, vertical joints to the first row, edges of floor waste and all floor joints if required. 10. Inspect all work for quality on completion and ensure its left clean and tidy 11. In some instances the steps above may be varied to suit the type of condition of the shower.


To allow product curation, leave the shower to dry for 24 hours before using. There may be a fine white powder left on your tiles. This is simply re-grouting residue that can be wiped off with a damp cloth.


Platinum Seal is the easiest way to repair leaking showers for any home owner. If you're on the Gold Coast, and are looking for a quote, contact us! Alternatively, if you're reading from a different location - you can contact us via our website or Facebook page. A trained technician will provide free advice. We're happy to help!

We have technicians handling a volume of quotes across the Gold Coast – And we don’t compromise on quality!

Plus we're fully locally owned and operated!

We complete most jobs within 48 hours of quoting – helped by having consultants and technicians in your local area.

To arrange for your Platinum Seal technician to do an in-home no obligation free quote call us on +61 426 747 816 or book a quote on our website.