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Why You Should Hire Professionals For Shower Repairs Shower areas are regularly exposed to water, moisture and steam, making them more prone to deterioration and damage faster than other features. Even if you maintain them well, you may find yourself dealing with issues such as water damage, mould and leakages. Water tends to corrode features and also affects the grout lines in your bathroom. If you have noticed any problems in your bathroom areas, you must deal with them without delay. Neglecting to fix them in time can cause further deterioration, making it even more challenging and expensive to fix the issues. Shower repairs aren’t a job that you can entrust to inexperienced operators. You need skilled and licensed technicians with experience in the field, to handle this job for you. This is where the services of a proven company like Platinum Seal comes into the picture. If you have noticed any issues with the grout lines or other features in your bathroom, give us a call, and we will provide you with prompt and efficient services. How Do Professionals Handle Shower Repairs?

  • – Experienced professionals always handle shower repairs methodically and in a straightforward manner. They understand that their clients need timely fixes and complete the task to industry standards within the shortest time frame. These are the things you can expect when you hire professionals for the job.

  • – The technicians will conduct a thorough assessment to determine how much damage has taken place. They will identify the root cause of the issue and ensure that they do not miss any details during the assessment.

  • – Once they have found out what is causing the problem, they will create a detailed report and explain the process to you. If you have any specific questions at this point, you should ask them for clarifications. They will provide you with a quote for the job and will start the work once you have approved of it.

  • – Since every bathroom is different and the issues that crop up will differ, the professionals will provide customised solutions. Sometimes all that is required is small repairs that can be completed with materials that the technicians have brought with them. On the other hand, more complex bathroom repairs such as complete grout replacement and sealing solutions need additional materials.

  • – The technicians will source all the necessary products and complete the job at a time convenient to you. They will work efficiently so that your bathroom is fully functional as quickly as possible.

For any information about our services, feel free to call us. We are more than happy to help you with all the details you require about our solutions and pricing. f you have questions, you can also give us a call at 0426 747 816 if you need immediate assistance.

Reasons Of Shower Seals Leak And Signs That Indicate Them Postponing leaking shower repairs can have a long term impact. The structure of your building may become damaged, resulting in expensive repairs and replacements. Dealing with plumbing problems is stressful too.  It’s why you can benefit from calling the professionals at Platinum Seal as soon as you notice any signs of shower leaks. Isn’t a bathroom the most used area in most houses? Isn’t it also the most ignored despite the attention it deserves? People forget that regular maintenance and care of any bathroom is essential.  The sight of a leaking shower and peeling paint on bathroom walls can be unpleasant. The damage caused to the bathroom walls and structure is another aspect you need to deal with. Taking quick measures to fix the problem as soon as you notice it avoids expensive repairs and renovation later on. Reasons for Leaks in Shower Seals Leaks in shower seals happen for several reasons, such as: 1. Movements in the Structure While shower seal or shower bath leaks occur due to various reasons, movement or disturbance in the structure of the building are the most common culprits.  Structural changes happen due to climatic fluctuations like hot and cold weather as well as when the building sinks into its foundation. 2. The Weakness of The Structure Or Cracks In It What impact do structural changes have on your shower or bathroom? This takes place in many ways- these changes weaken the structure of the bathroom and its fixtures and are the cause of cracks in the shower seals, grout, floor/wall joints, etc. Water begins to find its way through the cracks and seeps under the surface of the tiles. 3. Damaged Waterproof Membrane The waterproofing membrane under the tiles prevents the water penetration of water and safeguards your flooring and walls. However, this membrane can suffer damage due to aspects such as poor installation, building movement, or even chemical breakdown. Water seeps in through the cracks quickly to the adjacent features, causing damage. How to Spot Shower Seal Leaks There are several signs of shower leaks such as;

  • Skirting boards swell

  • Musty smell emitting from wet wallpaper and carpet

  • Dampness or mould build-up

  • Cracks in bathroom tiles

  • Mould in places like ceilings, cupboards, and walls

  • The shower seal grout missing

  • Stains on timber under the house or subfloor

  • Peeling of paint on bathroom walls, exterior walls or ceiling

We Are the Best for The Job Bathroom repairs require skill and experience, and you need a credible contractor to execute the work correctly the first time. Ours is a renowned and fully-licensed company with years of experience and expertise in handling bathroom repairs and renovation. Our professional plumbers have the training and practical experience to conduct leak-proof work. They thoroughly check every little aspect of the bathroom repair work and ensure that you will not face leaks in the bathroom or shower seal. We handle every plumbing job efficiently and ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our service. You can also give us a call at 0426 747 816 if you need immediate assistance.

Indications That You Have Shower Leaks A leaky shower can lead to several building defects if left unchecked and will cost you a considerable amount of money to fix. Besides, dealing with these issues is daunting, which makes it crucial that you call in the skilled professionals Platinum Seal to get your leaky shower fixed. The bathroom is probably the most used part of the house; however, it’s one of the most ignored parts of the house as well. Several homeowners fail to understand the importance of having a well-maintained bathroom. Besides the damage it causes, having a leaking shower can be incredibly troublesome. This makes it essential that you fix the issue as soon as you notice it. You will end up spending a significant amount of money on repairs if you fail to take action on time. Shower Leaks- The Indicators These are several signs that indicate shower seals leak, such as:

  • Dampness or build-up of mould

  • Mould on the ceilings, walls, and cupboards

  • Peeling paint: exterior wall, ceiling, and bathroom

  • Stained timber under your house or subfloor

  • Swelling skirting boards

  • Musty smell – wet carpet and wallpaper

  • Cracked tiles in the bathroom

  • Missing grout in the shower seal

Causes of Shower Seal Leakages Here is a list of the different things that can lead to leaks in the shower seal: 1. Cracks or Weakening of the Building Structure A subtle movement in the building structure can have a considerable impact on your bathroom as well as your shower in several ways. It slowly weakens and cracks show up in the grout, joints of the floor and wall, and shower seal. The water then eventually makes it’s way below the surface of your tiles.  2. Shifts in the Building Structure Several different factors can result in leaks in the shower seal or shower bath; however, a movement in the structure is probably one of the most common causes of it. Shifts in the building structure occur when the building settles into its foundation or if it naturally moves due to significant changes in the climate. 3. Waterproof Membrane Deterioration The water is prevented from reaching the walls and flooring due to the waterproofing membrane beneath the tiles. The shower sealing membrane can sustain damage as a result of building movement, chemical breakdown due to aging, or poor installation. These cracks in the membrane let the water seep into the surrounding areas, which causes the damage. Why Choose Platinum Seal For the Job? You require the services of a reliable and experienced contractor to carry out your bathroom repairs. We are a highly reputed and licensed company with years of experience in the industry. Our team of skilled plumbers understands the significance of undertaking leak-proof tasks, which is why they double-check each and every aspect of the repairs. Make the right decision by hiring qualified professionals to carry out your plumbing jobs. You can give us a call at 0426 747 816 if you need immediate assistance.

Signs That You Have A Shower Seals Leak And How To Deal With The Problem Leaks anywhere create damages. However, shower leaks result in the long term damage to the structure of a building and are expensive to repair. If you delay repairs, these leaks in your shower seal can only compound your expenses and prove stressful to attend. You can save yourself all this trouble and expense by calling professionals at Platinum Seal for repairs as soon as you notice any leaks. A bathroom needs to receive more attention than we normally give it. This is the most used area in a house and more prone to wear and tear. It is better to carry out the repairs before things get out of control and it also means you need to know what signs to look out for. Here are some signs of a shower leak. Signs of Leaks in Shower Seal Leaks Shower leaks happen due to various reasons, and notable among them are:

  • Cracks in bathroom tiles

  • Shower seal grout deteriorates or missing

  • Swelled up skirting boards

  • The paint of interior and exterior wall and ceiling peeling

  • Dampness

  • Musty smell due to wet carpet and wallpaper

  • Mould in places like cupboards, ceilings, and walls

  • Staines on timber under the house or subfloor

Causes of Shower Seals Leakages Shower seals leakages are attributable to several factors, such as:

  • – Movement in the Building Structure- Sometimes a building settles into its foundation. Even changes like hot and cold weather cause a building to move imperceptibly. These movements affect the structure of a building and can cause shower leaks.

  • – Building Structure Weakens/Cracks- When these movements occur, they not only weaken the structure but also cause cracks in shower seal, grout, and joints in the floor and walls. The water finds its way through the cracks and reaches under the surface of the tiles. 

  • – Deteriorating Waterproof Membrane- Waterproofing is the way to prevent water from penetrating the walls and seeping under the floor of the bathroom. The efficiency of the waterproofing deteriorates because of the structural movements explained above, grout loss, and poor installation. This results in cracks in the waterproofing membrane allowing water to seep through to the surrounding areas and creates damage.

We Are the Best Bathroom repair work needs skilled and experienced plumbers. We are a credible and fully licensed company in the plumbing industry for many years. We have carried out several bathroom jobs efficiently and cost-effectively to the 100 per cent satisfaction of our customers. Our trained plumbers have handled the tricky jobs of bathroom leakages with excellent results and always recheck the results. We at Water Leak King address the shower leak problems promptly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We follow a proven inspection process to handle all types of leaking shower repairs. Visit our testimonials page to see what our customers have to say about our company. If you have questions, use this form, and we’ll contact you as soon as we can. You can also call at 0488 849 122 if you need immediate assistance with shower leaks or any other similar issue. FacebookTwitterPinterest0

How Professionals Handle Shower Leak Problems Shower spaces are a daily use feature in a bathroom and exposed to water and moisture all the time. Even the sturdiest of the products are not immune to wear and tear when in contact with water day in and day out. So, it isn’t surprising that shower areas with poor quality waterproofing develop problems after a while. If you notice any water damage to the wall surrounding the shower, it’s essential that you call an experienced technician to fix leaking shower. That’s where we at Water Leak King come in. When Do You Need To Call A Professional? Like many other leaks, you might consider shower leaks as inconsequential and ignore them till they escalate and turn into a more significant problem. When a small damp patch shows up on the wall of a room adjacent to your bathroom, it indicates there is substantial leakage through the tiles and that it has been present for some time. These are the other signs which indicate its time to call professionals to inspect the leakage and undertake repairs:

  • Water damage – When water stains and damage appear on the ceiling under the bathroom or the wall near the shower, check the latter for any leakage.

  • Gaps between a shower tray and walls – Generally post-installation, a shower tray sinks very slightly and settles, leaving no gap. Sometimes, if this does not happen, the leakage occurs through the gap between the shower tray and the wall.

  • Cracked Grout – Grout is porous as well as sandy and isn’t durable like the tiles it seals. It can develop cracks or deteriorate over time which makes it susceptible to leakages. The water can seep through the porous material, under the tiles easily.

  • Mould spots – Just as mould spots indicate lack of proper cleaning, its growth in grout lines indicates there are some gaps in the silicone sealant and this problem needs to be fixed without delay.

You Need Experts to Fix Leaking Shower A shower leak problem requires a specialist to inspect the damage, identify the problem area, and work out suitable solutions. These specialists handle hundreds of such leakage jobs and are hands-on in their approach. Here is the process they follow:

  • They attend to your call immediately, schedule an appointment, and visit your premises.

  • The experts inspect and detect the leak, damages to walls, and the surrounding area and suggest a solution.

  • They provide a transparent quote.

  • After your approval, they begin the work.

  • They test the area to ensure the work has been completed correctly.

We at Platinum Seal can fix leaking shower promptly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We follow a systematic and friendly approach in our work. You can also give us a call at 0426 747 816 if you need immediate assistance with any shower leak problems.

Is It Better To Repair Or Replace Bathroom Tiles? Bathroom tiles suffer significant damage over years of use. No one enjoys bathing in a bathroom where tiles are cracked, chipped, stained, broken, or grout joints damaged. This deterioration or damage becomes severe when the water leaks into the shower walls, or floor and the sub-floor, causing damage to adjacent features as well. Aspects To Keep In View While Repairing Bathroom Tiles Repairing the bathroom tiles becomes very expensive when the job is ignored for too long. At Platinum Seal, we find that tile repair problems mainly relate to cracked tiles, loose parts, and eroded grout. If the damage is beyond repair, it can loosen the tiles, and water can seep through the gaps into the wall. Regardless of the amount of maintenance, it isn’t always possible to prevent all damage to the bathroom tiles. They are bound to get dirty and look drab after use for several years.  You cannot stop some mould, soap scum and mildew accumulating over the surface and in joints making your cleaning job increasingly difficult. It is best to get new tiles for your bathroom in case the damage/deterioration to them isn’t repairable. While this job is in progress, it also becomes possible to tackle other jobs like levelling of surfaces to hide any defects. Use ceramic elements to create a kind of zone that gels well with the rest of the room to retain its aesthetics.    Why Hire Platinum Seal?

  • We are the bathroom tiles, repair experts, and can replace the damaged bathroom tiles without disturbing the adjacent tiles and features.

  • We also provide tile maintenance services if required. Our professionals ensure that the tile repair work is qualitatively superior and long-lasting.

  • We have on our team of trained tile repair professionals that provide our customers with high-quality solutions.

  • This is a skilled job for which you need trusted and experienced contractors like us.

  • We have several years of experience in bathroom tile repair for different types and sizes of bathrooms.

  • As a fully licensed company, our reputation is based on the quality of tile repair work we do, and a strong customer base developed over the years.

Top Quality Plumbing Services You can rest assured that your tile repair work will be done to your satisfaction. Our experienced plumbers know that the work they do must be leak-proof so that you face no leakage problems in the future. We also maintain very competitive pricing and make sure that you get value for money when you choose our services. Hire us for any plumbing job, and you will never regret your choice. Our team will discuss the details of your project and provide the best solutions at the most cost-effective price. You can also give us a call at 0426 747 816 if you need immediate assistance.

The Importance Of Shower Sealing Services Showers are bound to be very wet and damp areas in any house due to constant contact with water. Leaks too are very common issues in bathrooms, especially if the floors and walls haven’t been sealed properly. Water can quickly enter any crack or even a small hole in the shower area and spread via capillary action inside the wall or floor structure. This is why it is essential to put a watertight seal on all surfaces. In case of any leaks, small or massive, call us at Platinum Seal to address an fix the problem. Our team is experienced in handling all types of shower sealing work and can ensure that the entire shower area is waterproofed perfectly. Once our team seals all surfaces, you can rest assured that no further damage to your property will occur due to shower leaks. Why Get Your Shower Sealed? It is difficult, rather impossible, to keep the shower area dry. As the area is exposed to water and steam, it retains moisture, and damages the floor, ceiling, and walls. The tiled surfaces largely remain unaffected by water and humidity, but the grout between the tiles is porous and absorbs water. The grout used to fill the joints between tiles is a mixture of cement, sand, and water and has enough room for water to seep through and cause leakage problems. A coat of high-quality sealant over the grout ensures that water or moisture does not seep in. If you neglect to get shower sealing done by experts like us, you can face leakage problems such as:

  • Damage to walls and ceiling – Water damage does not remain localised, and the dampness can quickly spread to adjacent rooms damaging the paint of walls and ceilings and affecting the internal structure. It is necessary to seal the shower area before you decide to repair the damage to other rooms of your house.

  • Structural damage– If you ignore to stop the shower area leak, eventually you will need to attend to extensive structural damage. Constant exposure to moisture will damage the studs and walls behind the bathroom walls.

  • Mould in the grout lines- Mould forms on the porous grout with black and green spots discolouring the clean white surface of the bathroom tiles.

We Can Help You We have extensive experience of working on shower sealing projects. Our team will visit your property after scheduling an appointment and will follow this work process:

  • They will examine the condition of the walls and assess the damage due to leakage.

  • Determine whether regrouting in the shower area is necessary.

  • Prepare a detailed quote for the work.

  • After your approval, our team starts work on cleaning up and sealing the bathroom area.

.You can give us a call at 0426 747 816if you need immediate assistance. Understanding Why Shower Seals Leak And the Signs To Look Out For Ignoring a leaking shower can result in long term building defects that will cost you a pretty penny to fix. It can also become very stressful to deal with these problems so don’t ignore your leaking shower and call in the experts at Platinum Seal without delay. A bathroom is one of the most used and the most ignored part of many houses.  Most people don’t realize that a bathroom needs more maintenance and attention than other areas in the home. It can be extremely annoying to see a leaking shower when you enter your bathroom, and the damage it causes can be even more so. This is why you should fix the problem promptly. If you ignore to fix the problem of a leaking shower in time, you may end up with major bathroom renovations. What Causes Leaks In Shower Seals? Different things can cause leaks in shower seals such as: 1. Building Structure Movement There can be several different causes of shower baths or shower seal leaks, but the most common cause is disturbance or movement in the structure. This happens when a building settles into its foundation, or a building moves naturally with significant climate changes such as hot and cold weather. 2. Building Structure Becomes Weak Or Develops Cracks The structural movement mentioned above impacts your bathroom and shower in various ways. It weakens or causes cracks to develop in the grout, shower seal, or floor/wall joints. Slowly but surely, water begins to find its way below the surface of the tiles. 3. Failing Waterproof Membrane The waterproofing membrane under the tiles prevents water from penetrating the walls and flooring. Building movement, poor installation, or chemical breakdown due to aging can damage the shower sealing membrane. Cracks in the membrane allow water to penetrate the surrounding areas and result in damage. Looking For Signs Seal Leaks These are several reasons why shower seals leak such as:

  • Swelling skirting boards

  • Dampness or mold build- up

  • Musty smell – wet carpet and wallpaper

  • Mould in cupboards, on ceilings and walls

  • Cracked tiles in the bathroom

  • Peeling paint: ceiling, bathroom or exterior wall

  • Missing grout in the shower seal

  • Stained timber under the house or subfloor

Why Choose Us for the Job? You need a trusted and experienced contractor to attend to bathroom repairs. We are a reputed and fully-licensed company with several years of expertise and experience of bathroom repair jobs. Our expert plumbers understand the importance of carrying out leak-proof work and always double-check every aspect of bathroom repairs. They consider their job done only when they are convinced that you will not face any problem. Hire us for any plumbing job, and you will find that you have made the right choice.

Can Balconies Be Sealed Without Removing The Tiles? Balcony leaks aren’t uncommon and they can prove to be quite a problem if not fixed on time. There are a number of different reasons why leakages crop up in balcony features. Sometimes, this is caused by damage to plaster and paint while at others it could be calcification in the grout lines. Sometimes cracks that appear in the grout lines result in water leaks in balconies while at others poorly installed tiles could be the cause. Regardless of what the cause of your balcony leakage is, fixing it is a job that should be entrusted only to experts like us at Platinum Seal. We are the leak repair professionals that can provide specialised balcony leakage repairs solutions at very cost-effective pricing. Latest balcony Leak Repair Services If there is a problem with the tiles and there are extensive cracks or damage in them, replacement becomes the only option. In this case, our team will provide you with different tile samples to choose from.  We will remove the older tiles, carry out waterproofing work and install the new tiles. If the tiles are in good condition then we employ other methods of fixing the leaks. This will include regrouting and regrouting as well as sealing to fix the problem efficiently. We use the best quality liquid membranes available on the market to fix your balcony leakage problems. Our company uses the best workmanship in our projects and complete the job to your 100% satisfaction. We provide guarantees for our work and make sure that our services exceed your expectations. For any more information about our bathroom leak repair services, feel free to call Platinum Seal at 0426 747 816.

What Is Involved In Shower Leak Repairs? A leaking shower is quite a common problem that many homeowners find themselves dealing with. But what most people don’t realize is that this problem is rarely a sudden one and it generally builds up over time. In most cases, it’s a result of excessive tightening of the fixture. This causes wear of the internal components of the shower. Sometimes rust and calcium residues can affect the working of the system as well. Shower heads are resilient, but incorrect use can damage them irrevocably. While you need to use the shower every day and that’s unavoidable, it is possible to avoid early damage to the fixture. You can do this by getting regular maintenance done from experts like us at Platinum Seal When we come in and inspect the plumbing features in your home, we would be able to identify signs of wear and can fix the shower head before the problem escalates. This timely fix can prevent leakages and save you from excessive repair or replacement costs. How Showerhead Leak Repairs Are Handled We follow very methodical shower maintenance and repair process:

  • Check for leaks using various advanced leak detection equipment and tools.

  • Our experts will then de-grout the shower area if required.

  • Special waterproofing products will be used to fix the tiles.

  • We will regrout the area and apply the best quality sealants.

  • The shower walls will also be meticulously sealed to prevent water from seeping into the walls.

We provide guarantees for our work and make sure that our services exceed your expectations.For any more information about our bathroom leak repair services, feel free to call Platinum Seal at 0426 747 816.


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