Platinum Seal Repairs Leaking Showers in Gold Coast, Queensland

Platinum Seal Gold Coast offers shower resealing services, designed to stop leaks at the source. Visit our Resource Centre to further learn about leaking showers. Continue reading for a brief overview of how the service works.

Platinum Seal Leaking Shower Repair

Platinum Seal Gold Coast leaking shower repair service. Each step shows a brief over-view of how we repair a leaking shower. Our services can be customised to meet you specific needs. Our technicians are trained in all aspects of Re-grouting, Resealing, Silicone Application, Epoxy Grout, Tile Repair & Leaky Shower Repairs in Gold Coast, Queensland.

1. Leak Detection

Your Platinum Seal technician will asses the shower using a thermal camera which accurately diagnoses leaky tiles or pipes and can help determine the amount of water trapped behind the tiles in the walls. If you're un-sure if your shower is leaking visit our Resource Centre.

2. De-grout

The fully trained Platinum Seal Gold Coast technician will extract all existing grout and sealants. The grout joints will be sanitised, and cleaned thoroughly to neutralise any moulds / grime build-up.

3. Re-grout floor and wall joints

Our Platinum Seal engineered three part epoxy grout is injected deep into the shower base grout joints, sealing all penetration points and water path-ways into the shower. Ultra-fine brilliant white wall grout mixed with flexibility additive is applied throughout wall joints. 

4. Re-seal shower perimeter

A silicone bead is injected to the wall-to-wall junctions of the shower cubicle. The service takes an average of 3-4 hours to complete. The shower is ready for use the very next day. Book a free quote below, or visit the Resource Centre to keep reading about leaking showers.