Leaking Shower Repair, Canberra ACT

Leaking Shower Regrouting, Sealing and Waterproofing, Canberra ACT

Platinum Seal Canberra specialises in repairing leaking showers by sealing and re-grouting with techniques designed to stop leaks without removing any tiles. This saves you time, money, hassle and the service includes a ten year product warranty which gives you peace-of mind knowing that you've have had the best solution implemented to their leaking shower in Canberra, ACT. 

Leaking showers can cause problems such as carpet, wood, paint and plaster to grow rot and mould which often leaves unpleasant smells. Standard silicones, grouts and sealants can stop a leaking shower for a short period of time but the problem will return again with more damage than what you started with. This is where Platinum Seal can help with our proactive and dependable shower regrouting option, specialised Sealing and Re-grouting products that will fix the problem with no leaks no more.

After receiving a free quote from one of our consultants the final step would be to book a date and have the repairs done by one of our Platinum Seal Technicians.

Platinum Seal Standard Service

1. Leak Detection

Your PlatinumSeal consultant will asses the shower using a thermal camera and moisture meter which will accurately diagnose leaky tiles or pipes and determine the amount of water trapped behind the tiles in the walls.

2. De-grout

The PlatinumSeal Technician will de-grout the shower perimeter, floor joints, wall-towall junction joints and step joints. It should be wall-to-wall. For step 5 can we please extend the blue caulking line in the vertical joint one more tile down please?

3. Repair the membrane

Our advanced and unique PlatinumSeal Bloc membrane repair liquid is injected into the floor grout joints which follows the path of water eventually curing, blocking all water seepage points and repair the waterproof membrane. At this point the grout joints have been cleaned and prepared for the next step

4. Re-grout floor and wall joints

A uniquely European engineered and manufactured, PlatinumSeal exclusive two part EPOXY GROUT gets injected deep into the grout joints sealing all water pathway and entry points. (NO SEALANTS REQUIRED as the EPOXY is waterproof by it self)

5. Reseal shower Perimeter

A silicone bead is then applied to the wall-to-wall junctions of the shower cubicle. The total service takes an average of only 3-4 hours to do. The shower is ready for use the very next day.

1. Leak Detection

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