Platinum Seal Repairs Leaking Balconies in Gold Coast, Queensland

Platinum Seal Gold Coast offers shower resealing services, designed to stop leaks at the source. Visit our Resource Centre to further learn about leaking showers. Continue reading for a brief overview of how the service works. Visit our Leaking Shower Repair Case Study to see the team in action. 

Platinum Seal Repairs Leaking Balconies in Gold Coast, Queensland

Platinum Seal Gold Coast leaking Balcony repair service over-view. The page shows how we repair a leaking balcony. Our services can be customised to meet your specific needs. Our technicians are trained in all aspects of Re-grouting, Resealing, Silicone Application, Epoxy Grout, Tile Repair & Leaky Balcony Repairs in Gold Coast, Queensland.

Causes of a leaking balcony:

Platinum Seal Gold Coast repairs leaking balconies without removing tiles. Once a balcony membrane has failed, water will penetrate through to beneath the tile. If not treated soon enough, a balcony will gradually deteriorate and eventually it will grow rot and fall apart. 

Platinum Seal Leaky Balcony Repair Solution

With the same techniques our Platinum Seal Gold Coast technicians are trained to repair Leaking Showers, we can can repair any leaking balcony. Repairs are a three step process, involving de-grout, epoxy re-grout, and penetrative sealer application. Each step usually involves one day of work. Your balcony will be left restored, clean and leak free.  

Get an Obligation Free Quote 

Platinum Seal Gold Coast provides obligation free quotes. If you're un-sure why your balcony is leaking, we conduct thorough assessments with a trained technician to guide you through the process. Fill the form and a technician will be in touch within 24HR/s, or contact us on +61 426 747 816. You can also find us on Facebook.

Platinum Seal seals and repairs leaks in showers and balconies. Operating in Gold Coast, Queensland

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