Leaking Balcony Repair Gold Coast

Leak Detection

A friendly Platinum Seal technician will inspect your balcony and diagnose the source of the leak. Free on-site inspections available on the Gold Coast.


Our Platinum Seal technician will carefully extract the grout between the balcony tiles. Other areas of grout, silicone and other sealants may be removed. 

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We'll provide you with a no-obligation to repair and seal your leaking balcony. No hidden costs, charges or changes will occur.


The balcony will be sterilised, and prepared for our epoxy injections. A modified sealant is injected around the balcony perimeter, and waste to seal any current and future leaks.

Complete Repair

The leaking balcony repair service is a three-part procedure and will take a total of three days to complete. Gold Coast, continue reading to find out the three stages.

Penetrative Sealer

Our tile penetrating sealer will form a clear coat of your balcony tiles and grout. The sealant repels water, and protects your tiles and grout. Your balcony is now sealed.

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