Platinum Seal Gold Coast Frequently Asked Questions 

Platinum Seal has the answers to your leaking shower repair questions. Listed here are the most common and frequently asked shower repair questions, and our response.
Platinum Seal is committed to providing each and every shower repair customer with a superior service experience. Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.

Frequently asked questions

How long does your it take to repair a leaking shower?

Platinum Seal Gold Coast Leaking Shower Repair Service takes roughly 3-4 Hours, depending on the size of your shower.

How long before the Leaking Shower Repair Service should we stop using our shower?

It is important that your shower is left dry & out-of-use the day of the service. Though, feel free to shower the night before.

How long until my shower can be used again following a service?

The shower may be used again after 24 hours have passed. This time period allows our product to cure correctly to your shower.

Is the shower sealer or epoxy likely to leave a strong odour throughout the house?

If any sealant does leave a slight odour it will dissipate within an hour of the service.

Do you offer shower screen replacement or tiling service?

Sorry, but we don’t do shower screen repairs or shower screen replacements, or tiling works.

The tap drips constantly will this affect the service?

We ask that the area be dry for the day of service so we suggest you put a container or bucket under the shower rose. Help us help you!

Is the shower leak repair epoxy a permanent solution?

Platinum Seal offers a 10 Year Warranty on our epoxy.
In reality our epoxy grout will last while the tiles remain bonded on the floor or wall. The glue or adhesive has its own lifespan before crystalizing and the tiles start getting drummy. We will not reseal a shower if the tiles are debonded or drummy.

What does warranty not cover?

We offer a product and workmanship warranty; Product implies Epoxy Grout. Workmanship implies the application of the epoxy grout.

Our warranty does not cover your built up scum, the shower going mouldy or sealants/grout discolouring over time. The grouts and sealants are mould inhabitant in majority of cases your mould is forming on the soap/body wash buildup or scum on the grout or sealants.
We do not cover against major building movement. The epoxy grout will withstand normal building movement and settlement as well as everyday expansion and contraction of the tiles during use.

We do not cover any plumbing, tiling, lipping or shower screen works.
Please see our full warranty and terms on our Warranty page