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Shower Repair Gold Coast

Your shower re-sealed to new again in hours, without removing tiles

Your Shower Re-Sealed, Transformed, and Made Leak-Free

Shower Repair Gold Coast


Platinum Seal specialises in shower repair on the Gold Coast. We've created a tried and proven Shower Re-Seal Transformation service, which has been designed to stop and seal leaks and transform your shower to brand new again in hours. Without the need to renovate, or re-tile. 

Over time grout (lines connecting tiles), silicone and other sealants in your shower deteriorate, discolour and mould. When inferior sealants eventually break down and deteriorate a leak in your shower eventually results.

The simple solution to repair your shower leak and or restore unsightly sealant deterioration is our Shower Re-Seal Transformation Service. Our trained technicians utilise various techniques to transform showers and stop leaks - which is backed by our 10 Year Warranty. 

Your skilled Platinum Seal technician will extract the existing grout, silicone, and other sealants from your shower base and walls without removing or damage to tiles. This allows us to complete a deep clean that will eliminate mould, bacteria and built up soapy scum, from deep within your shower tiles.

A combination of the colour-of-choice epoxy, modified grout, penetrative hydro-block sealer, and mould resistant silicone is injected into your shower base, walls and shower screen. Our industry leading system is guaranteed to transform your shower to brand new again, and repair leaks within hours.

Backed by our 10 Year Warranty the Platinum Seal Re-Seal Transformation service is trusted by home-owners, real estate agencies, hotels, plumbers and pest-controllers locally on the Gold Coast.

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The Platinum Seal Shower Re-Seal Transformation service is designed to seal and restore any shower to brand new on the Gold Coast. When grout, silicone, and other sealants in your shower deteriorate, your shower is due to service. 

When sealants in your shower show signs of deterioration mould and discoloration often will result. If left untreated these signs eventually lead to a leak which over a prolonged period may substantial water damage to your home or investment.

This is why we have created the shower re-seal transformation. We extract existing sealants from your shower base and walls. Allowing us to inject a combination of epoxy sealants which are far superior structurally and aesthetically for your shower. The service is backed by our 10 Year Warranty. 




The Platinum Seal Leaking Shower Repair service is designed to repair and seal any shower to brand new again on the Gold Coast, without costly re-tile renovations.

When the grout, silicone, and other sealants in your shower deteriorate a leak will often occur. Deteriorating sealants allow water to travel behind and beneath the tiles, placing excess pressure on your shower pan and waterproofing membrane. The result is a damaging leak. 

We extract existing grout, silicone, and other sealants from your shower. Following a tested and proven process, we inject a combination of epoxy sealants to repair your leaking shower on the Gold Coast. The service is backed by our 10 Year Warranty. 


Shower and Bathroom Beautification and Rejuvenation

Our team of skilled technicians specializes in restoring showers and bathrooms back to their previous glory by using a combination of epoxy injections and modified grout, and silicone applications. We follow a tried and tested process, with a commitment to unparalleled customer service, we will work closely with you to understand the scope of work and deliver your project on time, on budget, and on point. The result is fresh, bright, and stunning. 



Most showers are used twice a day, or more than 700 times a year. If we allow 10 minutes per shower, the average shower is in use and wet for more than 116 hours a year, twice that in a home of 4 people. This means that for most showers, over a 10 year period a shower recess gets 2300 hours or more than 3 months of continuous use. So it’s little wonder that over time a little bit of love, repairs, and maintenance.  


The Platinum Seal technician will prepare your shower for sealant extraction. The grout throughout the shower walls and the floor are extracted using a diamond tip grinder. Silicone is extracted from the shower screen, and floor to wall junctions - and around the shower perimeter.

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Deep Clean

Now that the grout, silicone and other sealants have been extracted from your shower. The shower is thoroughly deep-cleaned and disinfected, which eliminates mould. Bacteria, discoloration and other tile cosmetic issues are resolved. The shower has been brought back to it's original state prior to being grouted and sealed.

Sealant Injection

1. The colour of choice grout is mixed with a mould repellent solution. It is injected throughout your shower walls. 
2. The colour of choice epoxy is carefully prepared. We inject the epoxy deep within your shower base 
3. The colour of choice silicone is injected around your shower base, between the wall-to-wall junctions and to your shower screen.
4. Tiles are micro-fibre polished. Then sprayed with a hydroban tile seal solution.


Brand New Shower

Your shower is now new again, and leaks have been repaired. Within hours the process is complete. Our service ensures your shower has been sealed to the highest standard. Epoxy sealants will not mould, and are far superior than generic cement-grouts. The shower will require 24 hours without use to allow for sealant curation following the service.

Leaking Balcony Repair and Shower Glass Restoration

Our team can repair and seal your leaking balcony using a similar epoxy re-seal method. If your balcony is showing signs of deterioration or leaks click here to learn more.

Shower screen glass over time develops hard water stains that even after cleaning won't come out. Our Glass Restoration & Seal will make your shower screen present as brand new again. Click here to learn more.

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